I am happy to give astronomy talks at local (infant/junior/senior) schools - see talks for schools for details. Together with Stewart Campbell (from Dept of Music), I co-organised an event on 18 September 2014 entitled Festival of the Mind: Sounds of the Cosmos that involved two live performances of the Planets Suite by Sheffield Rep Orchestra interweaved with astronomy talks and visuals provided by Human Studio, plus astronomy-themed activities for local schools and the STFC Seeing the Universe in all its light roadshow.

Doc/Fest 2015 re-commissioned Sounds of the Cosmos, involving a performance of Doc/Fest: Sounds of the Cosmos at the Crucible Theatre on 9 Jun 2015.

Another performance of Latitude: Sounds of the Cosmos took place in 18 July 2015 on the film and Music stage at Latitude Festival

Photo courtesy Nick Bax

Here is the Solar System film from Sounds of the Cosmos - other films are available via iTunesU.

The following TV Programmes have featured my research:

  • Contributor to Cosmic Front (NHK, Japan) programme about `Number Ones' in astronomy (June 2014)
  • Contributor to Cosmic Front (NHK, Japan) programme about the Magellanic Clouds from 12 Apr 2012
  • Episode of BBC's Sky at Night was devoted to Monster Stars in August 2010

Here is a Deep Sky Videos film about the most massive stars in the Local universe:

I have contributed other films to the Deep Sky Videos channel as follows:

I have been interviewed in the following webcasts and publications:

Finally, I have served as a consultant on the folowing book: `Solar System (Factometer)' by Gaby Goldsack (awaiting publication by Cowley Robinson). Spanish translation: `El sistema solar (Datometer)' (2009, Ediciones SM)